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We understand that the church is not a place you go, but a family to which you belong. CTC is a family that meets your life’s needs wherever you are located.

We are convinced that the contents on this website would be helpful to your growth, and also help you to know more about us.


Welcome to Christ Treasure Centre

Welcome to Christ Treasure Centre (CTC), where we raise Christ-like leaders who experience all-round victory.

CTC is a borderless church without walls. We know our God is not limited by borders, and so we are structured to enable you to enjoy a limitless and borderless walk with God and a great family of believers, irrespective of your location.

So get ready to experience spiritual growth, deep love, supernatural upgrades, remarkable impact and a wonderful adventure of walking with God.

Apostle Tope S. Aladenusi
Presiding Minister

Programs & Events

Sunday Service (Lekki/ajah branch)

Sundays - 08:00am(GMT+1)

Sunday Service (yaba branch)

Sundays - 10:00am(GMT+1)

Word Digest

Wednesdays - 6:30pm(GMT+1)

Friday Prayers

Fridays - 9:00pm(GMT+1)

WinSight Broadcast

Lagos Television - 6:00pm(GMT+1),
Dove TV - 9:30pm(GMT+1)

Our Ministries

At the core of our ministry are these 4 facets through which we serve our offline and online community.

CTC Leadership Transformation Program

A personalized development plan to transform every member into leaders after God’s heart.

Growth Network

The small groups of CTC members with a common location, characteristics and/or interest.


A fully-fitted 100% online church where you can become a member, serve and also lead right from anywhere you are in the world.

WinSight Tv Broadcast

Our weekly television broadcasts

Need Prayer?

If you have a special prayer request and would like us to join you in prayer, kindly reach out.

Need Help?

Don't suffer in silence, reach out to our welfare team.

Need Counselling?

Our proven counsellors can help you with sound advice or guidance to put you on track.

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