Our Ministries

At the core of our ministry are these 4 facets through which we serve our offline and online community.

CTC Leadership Transformation Program

We have personalised development plan to transform every member to a leader after God’s heart via the following platforms:

This is a fully-fitted 100% online Church where you can become a member, serve and also lead right from anywhere you are in the world. You will also enjoy the following FREE online developmental programs – School of Discipleship, School of Ministry, School of Leadership, Accelerated Leadership Programme, Financial Empowerment Programme, just to mention a few.

It’s more than just a gathering. It’s a global borderless movement of believers from various denominations working together to transform lives for Christ. You can join today.

Growth Network

CTC Growth Network (GrowthNet) represents the small groups of CTC members with a common location, characteristics and/or interest.

Your GrowthNet can be viewed as your spiritual nuclear family where you are accepted, accounted and cared for irrespective of your age or stage in life.

Key objective of GrowthNet is to provide a spiritual family where members support each other’s spiritual growth, economic development, potential discovery and purpose realization.

Winsight TV Broadcast

WinSight television broadcast is the TV outreach of Christ Treasure Centre.

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