About Us


Christ Treasure Centre (CTC) is a borderless church without walls where we raise Christ-like leaders who experience all-round victory.

We know our God is not limited by borders, and so we are structured to enable you to enjoy a limitless and borderless walk with God and a great family of believers, irrespective of your location.

We understand that the church is not a place you go, but a family to which you belong. CTC is a family that meets your life’s needs wherever you are located.

The CTC mandate was received from the Lord Jesus Christ on 23 August 2015 by Apostle Tope S. Aladenusi during a 3 days prayer retreat.

We had our first public service on 6 August 2017 in Lagos Nigeria with 77 attendees (55 Adults and 22 Children). CTC was officially inaugurated on 1 October 2017.

Prior to CTC inauguration, the board of trustees and some leaders of CTC had been involved in some missional work in Nigeria, Ghana, UK, US, India and several other regions for about 14 years via the platform of Christ Lifeline Ministry (www.christlifeline.org), a non-denominational organization.

Developmental Platforms

At CTC, every member has a personalized development plan where we aim to see that we experience victory in every area of our lives, be in health, family, ministry, industry, academics or career.

In raising Christ-like leaders, we have established four free institutions which includes Maturing Faith School, School of Discipleship, School of Ministry and School of Leadership. Our members progressively attend these schools as they grow in Christ.

Our annual ALL-ROUND VICTORY CONFERENCE is also a major platform we use to equip believers to excel in every area of life

One striking thing about CTC is our special attention to the leaders of tomorrow. Our children and teens have daily and yearly bible reading plans which our teachers follow up on in addition to our 21st century style of teaching the Word, using multimedia and electronic gadgets

TV Outreach

We are grateful to God for multiplying our impacts daily. Shortly after our first anniversary, our flagship TV program branded WinSight commence airing on Lagos TV on 1st December 2018.

We are always encouraged by the testimonies we receive from people across Nigeria whose lives have been transformed by WinSight.

In 2020, Winsight also commenced broadcast On Dove TV reaching both local and international audience.

New Expressions

On 14 June 2020, our 100% online church, www.CTCglobal.church was officially inaugurated. CTCglobal.church is an online church where you can become a member, serve and also lead right from your home anywhere you are in the world

We also have CTC hubs and expressions across Lagos, University of Lagos, UK, USA and India.

Our Purpose, Vision, Mission and 

Our Purpose: “Raising Christ-like leaders”

Our Vision: “To mirror Christ’s pricelessness in every heart in every homeland”

Our Mission: “We are committed to leading people to Christ, inspiring believers to service and equipping them to live an all-round victorious life that is aligned towards heaven.”

Our Core Values:

Supernaturality – We are naturally led by God and spread the gospel by miraculous signs and wonders in our everyday life

Constancy – All of life and living is centred on Christ, and we are focused to reconciling people to him

Urgency – His Kingdom is on us and is in earnest. The King has commanded and is coming. No time to waste

Passion – We love who we are and who we’ve been called to be. We love the people we serve and we have set our faces (unflinchingly) towards the goal

Stewardship – We have been saved and called to serve humanity in things pertaining to God. We will give account to the owner, so we serve as custodians and not owners.