CTC Campus Transformation Program (CCTP) Partnership

Expression of Interest for CTC Global Membership

The average age of Africans today is 19 years, and these young ones who represent the largest demography are being targeted by the devil with all kinds of innovative vices. Aside the prevalence of poverty and sickness in the region, recent reports revealed that the young ones have too much negative influences over positive influences. On the contrary, most firebrand ministers of God today in Africa had early encounters with God especially on campuses.
God has showed us a pattern for campus penetration and transformation. This will require us to deploy some unique and ongoing programs in campuses, plant centers for all-round success there and transform campus folks to be leaders after God’s heart

We therefore use this medium to request that you prayerfully consider to become a Partner of CTC Campus Transformation Program (CCTP).
With your support, we trust God to take over the entire campuses for Jesus.

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